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peter parker’s job is literally selling his selfies to the daily bugle


*reads spoiler*
*quickly covers eyes and hopes that’ll undo it*

Natalie Dormer Tells Us All About Game of Thrones.

Sebastian Stan being adorable at the D23 Expo (2013)

Sebastian Stan photographed by Santiago Sierra 

"Congratulations! That’s great! Number one movie in America!" (x)


Sebastian Stan In studio and on the streets of the New York City


Sebastian Stan New York Moves Magazine

Sarah Manning’s ultimately special because she dares to go off-script. If she runs into trouble, she’ll chug a bottle of hand soap to buy some time. If she runs up against a wall, she’ll grab a fire extinguisher and bash her way the hell right out. In an instant of inspired thinking, Sarah constantly rejects what should be desperate, cornered moments with her sheer determination to survive.


honestly i try not to judge people before i get to know them but if you hate sansa stark it’s a whole other ball game